Monday, June 30, 2008

. new hair style . new mood .

finally finish haircut,
finish dinner,
finish bathing,
finish crapping,
finally have time for my new post. :D

my friends are going to scream and counsel me again~
especially cl. XD
she can't stand short hair styles.

* Fyi, my hair, is this short.

new hair style. new mood.
hope everything's gonna be fine soon. :)

* btw, people say i look like kindy kids. do i..?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

. disregard everything and move on .

something's bothering me these few days.

i had an odd feeling that friends among our clique had something kept in their hearts.
feelings would be the right word here.
i don't know why i had that kind of feeling also.
just.. * take a deep breath *
i don't exactly know.

there's another thing.

i was wondering how i'm doing as a friend.
i've been all hung up on personal issues and worried someone might not like me.
i've been hiding something deep inside my heart.
maybe i care too much about
what people used to say about me.

that's why.
no one is going to mind right..?

perhaps it's time for me to speak up and show a bit of my true self.
i should have accept the fact that i can't be everyone's friend.

i can only be me.
and i should let the chips fall where they may.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

. the night before sat .

it's friday night again.

things aren't so good these days.
everyone seemed to be moody.
so do i.
emotional as usual.
maybe worst.

trying to calm myself to an unknown state.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

. badd day! .

1st, i woke up late.
flu summore~ = ; =

2nd, i broke my mom's favourite slow cooker GLASS cover ==
[ don't ask me how i break it. idk~~]

3rd, i left my bottle in the car.
[ no water = diieee. not to mention i need at least 1500 ml of water everyday. ]

okay i bought mineral water at the canteen.
3rd prob currently solve.

my fren spilled the bottle of water when she's fooling around with the flowers we're going to give to our teachers.

4th, its teachers' day aka hari penyampaian hadiah aka hari koperasi.
that means we have to stay in the hall for the whole day = no food no drinks no books no talking.

i spent my time reading wuthering high during recess and i end up with gastric.
this is the 5th prob but its my fault. okay~ i noe~
yet i still have to stay in the hall, waiting for the stupidd "cabutan bertuah" to over.

btw, i have house practice tomorrow morning 7.30 am!

i'm so tired!
turn me off please.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

. 21.6.2008 .

oaahhh~ * yawn yawn *
sleeppiie, but still, i wanna finish this post, for a friend. :)

to dear se lang, mun :

although i've waited for about 40 mins, loitering around at qb for nearly an hour, but oddly not feeling mad at all.
guess it's because of i get to see you. :)

although we didn't really had much time to spend together, but still it's good enough for me at least i can listen to your voice.

look forward to our next hang out. :)

* in case you're wondering who my dear friend mun is, here's her photo.

. mun .

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

. realization .

dear blog :

its 4 am and i'm still awake .
thinking of what he'd said .
and the silly thoughts i had .
maybe i shouldn't have so much feelings for him .
then i wouldn't cried so hard .

no time for tears .
he'll be gone soon . ♡

Monday, June 16, 2008

. sifu's big day . =D

to my dearest sifu :

happiie bday ♡
thinking of you today and all the beautiful ways your friendship has touched my life .
wishing you all the best on your special day . :)

ps : hope you like your present .

. the day after 14 june .

dear blog :

i should be very happy today .
but something just pull me down .
am i a gud friend..?

selfishly, i wondered if i'm in her shoes .
i wondered if she treat me as a close friend .
a friend that she can trust and share secrets with .

i hope that she told me more about herself after all the efforts i've took to know her better .
i hope that she trust me and treat me as a close friend like i did .

perhaps i shouldn't think that way .
perhaps she still need some time .

but to me, she's a close friend .
someone that i would wish to share things with .
its a thought that i would like her to know . :)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

. long term friendship .

to a dear friend, mun :

i was stunned by your sudden msg .
didn't expect you to show up that late .
suddenly realized it has been a year since the last time i saw you .
really missed you . :')

for the time when you're not here,
i was wondering if you're good during courses .
i wondered if you'd rest enough .
i wondered how you look like now .
i wondered if you still remember me ..
you did . :)

i was always afraid of a friend forgetting me after some time .
especially after graduation .
i can't affort to lose you as you're one of the best buddies i've ever had . :)

look forward to this sat .
[ wee~ you're coming back XD ]

. 4.6.2008 .

to my buddies : " thanks for giving me such a great day . :) "

these were the precious time we had together .

. chia hoay and irene .

. chia hoay and tammy .

. irene and i .

. irene, jia hui and chia hoay .

. jia hui and chia hoay .

. us .

Saturday, June 14, 2008

. getting started .

well i've sign up blogger for almost 6 months and yet they're still empty .
guess its time for me to post something . :D
don't know where to start .
brain storming *
[ i wonder why my friend adel have such a bundle of topics to write in her blog . >< ]
there should be a lot of things for me to write but my brain is still blank for this moment .
enough of staring at the screen and doing nth .
gotta figure out something to write~
perhaps i'll start with the wonderful friends i had . [ 2008 ]
first, there is H.I.T [ hoay, irene, tammy ]
irene on the left .
tammy in the center .
and that is chia hoay in her craziie mode .
[ ps : there's no normal mode for her XD ]
and dearest adel, nan hui and adelyn .
[ ps : i dont have their photos yet but will get it soon ;...; ]
they're my dearest buddies and classmates .
[besides my evil twin chia hoay ]
i'm glad to have friends like them . :)