Thursday, December 25, 2008

. christmas .

the event i'm urging this whole year has finally reach.
was having a gathering at home.

to all my dear friends and cousins: thanks for coming! :]

not having gift exchange 'cause bro said it'll be quite mafan. :(
but i have my gift from mom though XD

too bad alex can't come.
was having his at his place.

looking forward to next year's xmas.
and next next year's and next next next year's etc. XD

aunt and her family at my house.

my lil nephew! :D
adorable eh?

Merry Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

home sweet home!

finally reach home dee!
miss my bed, my pillow, my sheepiie! and a lot more :D
started to tidy things up.
and.. yawns*

Monday, December 15, 2008

Saturday, December 13, 2008

. day8 .

evelyn and i

went to redbox.
it's in tebrau city.
i was more like listening to them singing than singing myself.

so bought some stuffs and went back.
after dinner, we went again.
but for movie this time.
movie was at 11.55pm.


how cute. :]

there's a little accident we met at the entrance.
real tiny 1.
but to them it's like.. BIG DEAL.
maybe 'cause i'm used to how my bro and sis drive. XD

that's all for today. :]

Friday, December 12, 2008

. day7 .

shopping day... again ==
so we went to city square.
emm nothing happening.
so.. stop here.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

. day6 .

purple-ish eh? XD

another shopping day.
went to another shopping centre, if not mistaken, must be called.. pelangi.
bought a shirt for dad as birdday present.
kill meeeeeee. the price..
okay stop.
shouldn’t complain about the price.. = =


yaay finally till dinner time and we went for steamboat.
the food there is so yummy. mm' mm. :D
so after dinner we went back and gave dad a surprise.
he didn’t know we bought birdday cake for him. :D
he's so HIGH. XD

my dad is quite playful actually.
he's good at jokes. :D
but don't mess with him. seriously. ahem.
actually we had video but umm.. not going to post it here. :D

dad's cake.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

. day5 .

slept late so woke up late today.
went shopping with my cousin, Evelyn.
jusco tebrau city again.
lunch and everything.

bought a green sweater by MNG and.. owh!
talking about MNG = ^ =
after paying, we went out and after we're about a few steps or so from the shop, the sensor started to beep. = =
we look back and saw the grumpy cashier came out and asked us whether there are still sensor thing on the stuffs we bought in case she forget to remove.
after checked, she apologize and we went to Harris.
the sensor beep AGAIN.


okay so the guard came and request to check our bags.
i look at him and said, WE JUST CAME IN. [didn’t you SEE??! you NOOB.]
[seriously, who would be so stupid to steal stuffs in a shopping centre with sensor everywhere anywaysss? = =]

okay fine.
another guy from the counter came and asked whether we bought anything small, in case the cashier forget to clear sensor.
so my cousin took out everything and test 1 by 1.
okay so its her brand new guess purse. = =
she was like : "owh wtf not my guess! ><" and so that guy help to clear the sensor thing. i felt like going home. IMMEDIATELY. how embarrassing. not our fault though. so okay, continue to shop. was quite exhausted. but we slept at 3 or 4 i forgot. 'cause Evelyn force me to watch don't know what movie with her. = = frankly, i don't know what it's about. it feels like sleeping with your eyes open. yeah.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

. day4 .

last day in KL*

so we went to pavillion and had lunch.
nothing much.

reach JB and went for supper.

the end

Monday, December 8, 2008

. day3 .

so this is the day the wedding's gonna be.
went for hairdo and went to the bridegroom's place.
after awhile we went back to the hotel to get ready for the dinner.

at the hair saloon.


was having a great night. :D
good food* ;]

was so shocked when he(?) sang.
sounds so like my idol jacky/jackie [whatever] cheung. O.O'


was planning to go Aloha but in the end canceled 'cause of trans prob.
but bro joined them and so they enjoyed.
and lol they're like mad people man! XD

Sunday, December 7, 2008

. day2 .

woke up early because of the freezing temperature and it hurts when the air is so dry to breathe in >< sleeping =" ="

cant sleep so sat at the dining table waiting for the others to wake up.
he was the 1st to wake up after me and he drag jun from his bed and went swimming after breakfast.

was waiting for them to come back after i've done everything like you know, prepare to go out and all.
so i went to see if the resort really have penguins.

real penguins.

why do we have penguins in a resort..? = =
i mean.. in a resort, in KL.
that's.. something i couldn't understand.

well they were kinda cute but a bit scary 'cause they swallow fish.
10+ cm FISH.

no kidding, real penguins.

the pool.
love it.


so we went to 1utama and shop whole day.
from 12 noon to 12 pm.
you know what, having a shopaholic mum is not an easy thing. @@
so end up jun have to look for a trolley to stuff everything his and my mum bought. = =
scary eh?


Saturday, December 6, 2008

. day1 .

2days to my aunt's sis' son's wedding*
[i know its confusing :D]

woke up early and went to pick up aunt karen vth her son and him(?)
was still in hyper sleepy mode so ate a little.
was absentminded all the way to kl =\
finally reach kl and meet up dearest buddy ning
the elders decided to go genting highlands and i have no choice but to follow = =
its SO so so so cold! ><

we wandered around and when mum and aunt karen started to become a total shopaholic, me and jun decided to go outdoor.

well he was dragging me here and there and i nearly puke after god knows how many rounds of spinner and pirate ship and (hell!) still have to go for tea cup! ><

luckily cyclone and flying coaster were closed for checking if not i think i'll throw out EVERYTHING i had before all those rides phew!

thank god jun was finally so understanding to have agreed to go for something that makes me feel better :D


was quite thankful to have the chance to take some photos :}

tammy's gonna jump around like a kid and can't stop laughing if she's there. :D


and when everyone's done, we went down and stopped halfway to have supper
was damn tired so doesn't really care what i ate -o-

on the way down.


went back to the resort and was suprisingly awake after bath so we chat and listen to music, which is the best thing we can get from the TV channels. went to bed at abt 3 i guess..

was quite happy to have talked to him(?) :D