Tuesday, May 5, 2009

went to school for our FIRE BRIGADE cooking competition
i know you guys won't believe i'm a member of fire brigade corp.,
but you just have to believe it

time square after that ; sis is modeling in a make up competition! :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

accompanied sis to try on her costume she'll be wearing for the make up competition tomorrow
and she drop me to pm to meet up mum
while waiting for mum to finish her hairdo, i just wandered around
i was so bored that i'd look through most of the books in popular
including those with titles : how much sugar do you have in your food = =

luckily he and bro came to pick me up for dinner :D
so we went to tesco to buy junk food for movies and had our dinner at a jap restaurant [ i forgot the name already.. = = ]

the place

my food :D

we went home and after cleaning up, i was reading the novel while they both were chatting and gaming.

that's for my labour day hols, no rushing and get to do whatever i want. :]