Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Super Duper Hello Kitty Fan

went to andy's house and met my long-time-no-see nieces XD

jae jae, the insane one and also the one who never cares about her image -.-

jam jam (jamie) with her american doll

jam again

can see how fanatic jae jae is about hello kitty XD

jam jam, who has all sorts of funny patterns you never see XD

went sg petani with sis, guat chin, abby etc to pray 月老
OKAY, i have to make things clear before i proceed with my post XD
i went just because i've never seen how the place and ceremony is like okayyy?
no other thoughts, NO *waving in the face* X)

on our way
say what? cow boy generation? XD


so we're fascinating, intelligent, aspiring, confident, prudent, creative, honest, sensitive, energetic, talented and competitive XD

the fatty couple, made by 月老, how sweet? :3
oh, and the i SF stands for "i love si fatty" XDD

lunch! :)

fish's farewell's tonight
and luckily i manage to come back to penang and still have time to grab something for him, who's going to US next thurs :(

the 奶 牛 笔 记 本! i like it so much ; hope he likes it too XD

MEGH, you know what this means XD

and this too NEMO :3

here's only can, clean and yes ; to train you into a well-behaved fishh XD

and the VERY important note pad XD

bag full of concern and wishes, hope it's what you need :)

through glad times and bad times,
we've been there for each other
and i'm really glad to have you all along

please do remember that wherever life may take you,
where you go or what you do,
the warmest of good wishes will always be with you

goodbye (i finally say it), you'll be missed! :)

Friday, February 26, 2010

bro's friend all went to wish isaac and him goodbye and luckily dragged through till we got up the car and whoops, cried like a cow :*
he was never this considerate! (sorry :P) until now he talks like a real big brother it made me cry even harder

the notice board he left me ; to remind me that i gotta be serious about my studies if i were to join him in s'pore

went ni-shie's farewell :)
it felt great to gather again hippo, soon yee and hui xian! and also jasmine :)
GOOD LUCK to you ni-shie *hugs*

yummy shrimp :P

women are violent -.- LOL

and the chicken wing that can't be any blacker than black XD

Thursday, February 25, 2010

good old time :3

and this typical one from fatty the elephant XD
sorry sis! :P

helped bro pack his stuffs and all till 4 in the morning
he's going to s'pore already! :(
never thought it would be this fast..

stuffs i used to see everyday but no more until i see him again ;'(

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

shopping with dann at Gurney! :D
damn tired *stretch*

oreo! heh :D

and dann calls this stress XD

Monday, February 22, 2010

一日一蔬果, 医生远离我 :P
its from taiwan and it really tastes good :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

17 february ;
dann's boss-to-be, Richard and another two of his friends, White and Vincent came from s'pore on 17 feb
and so we had dinner together at new lane for the first night

18 february ;
and then bak kut teh at gurney drive the next day for brunch
we proceeded to the thai and burmese temple and then to botanical garden :)
went to abu siti lane with bro after that for a coconut drink! :D

white driving infront :)

19 february ;
and then yesterday, got up SO early and went for dim sum *yawn*
and then to kek lok si and fool around and took pictures X)

in the pagoda

dann! lol X)

went Aroi for lunch after that, good good thai food! ;)

this is White :)
he's really 'white' isn't he? =.=
p/s: he didn't get the name because of his fairness though X)

after we got the must-have tambun biscuits, went Copthorne Orchid Hotel to check in

had dinner at teluk kumbar seafood restaurant, goodie goodie ;)

20 february ;
and then memory lost until batu ferringhi tonight :\
punishment for not updating me blog more frequently? D:

gotta get a good night's sleep :)