Wednesday, December 30, 2009

after five years, we finally had a reunion for 6B at Evergreen hotel :)

from left: ni-shie, povy, priscillia, me and wen hui

from left: povy, hui jing, priscillia, me, jessica and myra

from left: chien chern, priscillia and i

from left: ni-shie, angel and soon yee

from left: hui jing, priscillia, me and jessica

from left: povy, hui jing, priscillia, me, jessica and myra

from left: ni-shie, povy, priscillia, me and wen hui

the guys, from left: chien chern, henry, jun hao and samuel

from left: yong jian, henry, jun hao, samuel, jin sheng and jin xin

pris pris pris

took this when we're talking about the movie boys over flowers
and povy's like "omg omg he's so handsome! *faints* "

at the end of the buffet, seng wei gave us post cards and treats from UK
and after everyone had their's, povy took the whole box and was so happy about it lol

povy started taking photosss

from left: hui jing, jessica and myra

jessica and ni-shie

from left: angel, priscillia, povy, me, ee jin, hui jing, soon yee, ni-shie and wen hui

from left: angel, povy, me, ee jin, hui jing, ni-shie and soon yee

guys getting ready for the 'class photo'


yong jian and jin sheng

me, soon yee, wen hui and siew wen

class photo 1

class photo 2

class photo 3

class photo 4

class photo 5

class photo 6

and we actually walk to coffee island in a BIG group after the buffet XD

see me avoiding the camera? lol

from left: povy, me, ee jin and hui jing


one here took with myra :)

jessica, hui jing and half of jin sheng XD

povy's finally annoyed with the camera man XD

playing the game where the person with the particular card have to give a speech about the changes of him/herself within this five years

hohoho, not me X)

gals, busy with the phone tsk tsk XD

finally home :)

the reunion was a great one even though it wasn't quite successful at first but at least we gathered :))))
when's the next one coming?
can't wait :D


Monday, December 28, 2009

fish-a-fish ♥

very first fishing experience!
at batu maung, penang :)

here is isaac and i

isaac acting cute XD

brother and i :)

and this one.. i don't know what we were doing actually -.-
examining the hardness of the wood? lol
this photo made banet laughed hard XD

what so sour isaac? XD

loveee this picha ♥
do you? :)

and here comes kelvin a.k.a alabai

guys preparing..~

the friendly uncle X)

and kel said he looks as though he was dancing! LMAO *chokes badly*

here comes the HAND-GUN master, trying out the fishing rod X)

did you notice the fishing line on the right?

dann's OS :" c'mon.. c'mon.. =^="

kel's first catch! :D

my catch :P