Sunday, January 27, 2013

I am just another promise you can't keep

Promises are worse than lies
Cause you make them hope
Hope for something that you're not sure you can give.

It must have been love, it must have been true, but we lost it somehow

I kept myself away from thinking through things;
kept myself busy and yet forgetting things that I should be keeping in mind then I came across a sign;

And like a wake up call, everything came to me,
I broke down and cried
I could hardly believe that I have been neglecting everything for so long, everything because of you

You were never there;
perhaps you were but just a physical presence with a heart that makes all the promises that you couldn't keep

Sometimes I think I'm not either;
no longer the soul mate that you want to share all your happiness with

So what do I do, when every day still seems to start and end with you?
And you won't ever know, you won't ever see,
How much your ghost since then had been defining me

Thursday, January 24, 2013

gorgeous or what?

looking through a set of platform peep toe pumps to match the dress I got the other day
and look what I came across!


Yves Saint Laurent sandals

有个人陪吃饭的幸福 ♥